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Refrigeration for Turk To Me Cafe


Install new refrigeration equipment into existing coolroom and replace all existing door seals for Turk to Me, a new local cafe in Keysborough.


Pictures above show before our work started.


TBS Services Group were awarded the job to supply and install new coolroom equipment, replace all 5 glass door seals and the main coolroom door seal, run a new electrical circuit and fit it all off.

The shop had been vacant for a long time, and it was previously a take away food shop. However, all the coolroom equipment had been removed prior to us getting the job.

We carried out a heat load calculation for the existing room. This was to calculate the size of the equipment required for the particular application of how the customer is planning to use the coolroom. We had to take into consideration the load use as it will be used as a storage coolroom, as well as a glass door display fridge for all the drinks.

Pictures above show the new seals in the doors, and the new drain in the new coolroom equipment in Turk To Me cafe.


COVID-19 was a challenge, as we started the job before a lockdown, and then had to finish the job once the lockdown had finished. We also kept strong communication with a range of other trades to make sure there was minimal disruption to each other’s work.

Pictures above show new unit in the coolroom, and up on the roof.