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TBS Air & Energy Solutions did planned preventative maintenance at Home HQ Shopping Centre, Nunawading in Melbourne’s East. End of life upgrade as well as energy efficiency were the reasons to replace 6 of their common area Temperzone air conditioning units that were approximately 20 years old, with new Temperzone energy efficient systems of the same capacity (60kw).


TBS Air & Energy Solutions were awarded the project to replace 6 of the old Temperzone ducted air conditioning units with new energy efficient Temperzone units, as well as replace and upgrade the controls for these units. A large component of this project was replacing the R22 copper refrigerant lines from the indoor units to the roof top plant platforms with new R410a rated copper lines which were run internally throughout the centre, as well as safely removing the old indoor units from the ceiling spaces and installing the new energy efficient systems in their place.


COVID 19 lockdown restrictions in Melbourne made coordination of the works challenging. Our schedule and work program had to be changed many times to suit the centre and its retailers. The interconnecting refrigerant lines were run internally through the centre and required access into multiple retailers within the centre. This needed to be coordinated with both the retailers and the centre management very accurately so as to ensure no disruption to their trading. We had to adopt a very fluid program and be ready to change our schedule of works at any time.

Crane lift for the replacement of the outdoor condensing units required 3 set up positions around the centre due to the centre size and plant platform locations on the roof. We coordinated the crane lift which took a full day. This occupied the shared loading zone, so we coordinated the crane very carefully. The job went as planned with all deliveries to the centre un-interrupted or affected with traffic management and the agreed schedule managed very closely by TBS project staff.


Air Conditioning Replacement on roof of shopping center Melbourne with crane


The new air conditioning units delivery date was delayed due to COVID 19 restrictions which again changed our plan and program of works. Coordination was the key with this project and we worked very closely with centre management at Home HQ Nunawading. This was to ensure the retailers were well informed and the works were undertaken as per our agreed time frames, while also keeping to our project milestone deadlines.

TBS project team made sure all areas were cleaned and accessible at all times for the retailers and their customers. This project was completed on time, with no disruptions to retailers trade and on budget with no incidents.

Watch the short doco film we produced for the Arkadia Project at Home HQ Nunawading.