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TBS EV Charging Solutions

EV Wall Box, Charger Installations and Servicing

Why choose TBS as your Installer?

You’ve made an excellent choice in transitioning to an electric vehicle. TBS have the knowledge and expertise to enhance your EV experience.

Our team of qualified professional installers are equipped to answer your questions about charging options and will help you make the right decision to match your lifestyle and vehicle’s requirements.

Leadership Team

Chris Todd EV Director

Chris Todd

Director of TBS EV Charging Solutions

With over 18 years experience in the electrical industry, co-founder and director Chris has a solutions and efficiency based approach to electric vehicle charging. Having worked in the commercial, industrial and residential electrical industries with a focus on sustainability and innovation projects, Chris understands all aspects and the processes involved in implementing EV chargers into all property types.

Chris prides himself on his ability to educate and facilitate an easy transition into the future of sustainable EV vehicles and the charging infrastructure required to support it. His strong focus on customer service and education surrounding EV chargers and their use at both a user level, as well as at a management / billing level provides each stakeholder with a clear understanding of their EV charger solution.

Anthony Heron

Service Supervisor of TBS EV Charging Solutions

With over 18 years experience in a range industries on the tools and as a manager, Anthony has a multidisciplinary approach to electric vehicle charging. 

With a keen eye for detail he always strives to find the best looking and most practical solution. He prides himself on having great relationships with many of TBS’s long standing customers.

Services offered

We offer you a choice of compatible charging options

We install the wall box at your place of residence

We can also install EV chargers at your business to complement your home installation

We help you understand how to best use your wallbox, including apps, and

We can help with all your future servicing needs

Brands we install

Electric Vehicle Models

Electric Vehicle Cable Types

Let’s chat about your EV

Whether you’ve just purchased your Electric Vehicle or you’re investigating your charging options, TBS Services Group offers services to meet your needs.

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