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Electric Vehicle Cable Types

EV Cable Types Explained in full

EV Charging Cable Types in Australia

At TBS EV Charging Solutions, we take the guesswork out of cable selection. Once we have the make and model of your car and the size of your garage and charging space requirements, we will select the correct type of plug and length of cable to suit your needs.

Charging cables are available in various configurations to reduce weight and price.

  • For up to 7.5kW they are supplied as 1Phase where by L2 & L3 is not included typically with a core Diameter of 4mm2
  • For 11kW 3 Phase they are supplied with all cores present also with a core diameter of 2.5mm2
  • For 22kW 3 Phase they are supplied with all cores present with a core diameter of 4mm2
Description of the available plugs in Australia below, including the legend for the pins: note that mostly we use CCS2
The pins in a CCS2 follow the diagram below (description of pins underneath)

E – In both 1P & 3P variants the central pin is the earth used for grounding the charger and vehicle.

PP à “Proximity Pilot” aka “plug present”, which provides a signal to the vehicle’s control system so it can prevent movement while connected to the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE; i.e., the charging station), and signals the latch release button to the vehicle.

CP à “Control Pilot” is a communication line used to signal charging level between the car and the EVSE and can be manipulated by the vehicle to initiate charging as well as other information. The signal is a 1 kHz square wave at ±12 volts generated by the EVSE to detect the presence of the vehicle, communicate the maximum allowable charging current, and control charging begin/end.

1P à The left and right pins are utilised while the bottom two remain dormant.

3P à All pins are now utilised.

NOTE: a Type 1 Level 2 charger uses a plug with only 5 Pins, CP & PP + E & L1 + L2/N. They are more common in early EV’s or in the USA where they use a 120V system and 2 phases to reach 240V. Adapter cables are available if required to charge a vehicle with Type 1 connection from a Type 2 AC charger.

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