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Air Purification

Advanced Air Purification with Delos

Cleaner, healthier air is powerful. It can transform the way we feel, think, work and play. From the kids in classrooms at our local schools to the essential healthcare workers caring for those in need, to employees working from home or returning to the office, Delos Advanced Air Purification can help people anywhere breathe easier.

Cleaner Air For All

Upgrading or replacing air filtration systems can be costly, time-consuming and difficult to implement. But with Delos, improving air quality has never been easier or more efficient.


Built on years of research and rigorous evaluation, Delos Advanced Air Purification systems have been carefully crafted to fit any budget and accommodate any space—providing better air quality for anyone, anywhere.


  • 99.99% reduction of airborne viral load down to .007 microns*
  • Removes 99.997% of particles at 0.3 micron in size, which is more efficient than the HEPA Standard testing efficiency requirement**
  • Every device individually tested by the manufacturer to ensure superior performance
  • Action-oriented response to help deliver health, safety and peace of mind for residents and staff 

*Individual particle sizes and specific particle size ranges may have different filtration efficiency rates **EN-1822 testing of the Intellipure Compact device operating at 150 CFM 

Compact Unit


A Proven Solution


TBS Air & Energy Solutions portable air quality products from Delos

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No matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, facility manager or property manager, TBS Data Electrical offers services that meet your needs.

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